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The T² Group, a Professional Construction Consulting Firm, provides monthly Construction Project Observation Reports to Commercial Lenders; Owner/Developers; Non- Profit Organizations and other firms requiring third-party construction observation and monthly payment verification.

The firm also provides independent Conceptual Estimating services to Lenders; Owners/Developers; Non- Profit Organizations; and others requiring an "early-on" look into potential construction costs, -PRIOR TO- committing significant resources to Architectural / Engineered design documents.

Due Diligence reports, often required by purchasers / investors for Real Estate acquisitions is another professional service provided by The T² Group.

Construction Project Observation Reports

Independent third party Project Observation reports include Monthly Payment Verification Reviews; Color Digital Documentation Photography; Written Documentation of Project Progress by major construction parameters; and a Faxed Funding Form to expedite the payment process. These project visits and reports are scheduled as directed by the client, and usually correspond to the contractor submission of the AIA G-702 and G703.

Construction Conceptual Estimating

Conceptual Estimating, sometimes labeled "back of the napkin guesstimating", is often the first estimate of any construction project. The Conceptual Estimate is a rough approximate pricing of "THE CONCEPT" intended to be a barometer of what this particular type of project "SHOULD" cost, given certain parameters. A mix of qualified sub-contractor input; current local market conditions; and the "skill-set" of diverse construction cost estimating experience are all combined to provide clients with building cost projections to incorporate into a new business plan and/or a real estate development pro-forma. Construction Conceptual Estimates are often initiated at the time "Concept Plans" are provided by the design team. With a detailed informational gathering session between The T² Group representative(s) and the client, it is possible to provide a qualified Conceptual Estimate for client planning purposes.

Due - Diligence Property Reviews:

Acquisition of real property-land and/or buildings often requires a complete checklist of reviews. The T² Group has the ability to organize the various professionals as a team to provide the wide-variety of services, typically involved in the Due - Diligence process. EPA Phase I assessments; Wetland Delineation; Hazardous Material Surveys; Corp of Engineer approvals; and Building condition assessments are some of the areas of provided and/or coordinated services.

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